Monday, March 22, 2010


Saturday, was awesome. I woke up at a decent hour and drove out to Johnny's house, Packed the car and headed to Rudy's to try to recruit him, which failed. However we did see him, live, breathing, in the flesh. A great sign regardless..

Right after we headed to PA with a quick stop at Taco Bell/KFC, shortly after we pulled up to Imperial/Findley whathaveyou skatepark, which was awfully packed, but we had a great time anyways. Johnny and I had took a 2 hour hiatus to find a tube, and when we got back, the lights had just turned off..Bummer

Tube fixed and still full of energy, we loaded back up and headed to Pittsburgh. Got to John's friend Bob's apartment which let us park in a covered parking garage, and watch some TV..His place had a great view of the city! I was very impressed!!

After a quick recharge we headed all over downtown, rode things here and there, but by far the best session happened at these awesome banks (Which I presume are brand new) Everyone did a few really good tricks all the while many onlookers and cars stopped to see what the hell we were up to right in the middle of downtown.

Next, we rode around aimlessly for a while searching for a SECOND Primanti bros' (after the first we found was not 24hrs. After everyone ate awesome sandwiches and a Yuengling or two, we headed back to Bob's.

A few ideas later, we just decided to head home, which was rough because we were all really tired, but it was nice to sleep in our own respective beds come 4am..

Sorry for the Camera Phone pictures, but I was not in the mood to lug the Nikon around this time..

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