Thursday, January 21, 2010

1-21-10, Wedgewood Ramps

I got the call around 4:30 or so from Chris saying our skatepark trip was on, but some bike maintenance was needed first, So Frankford was the destination..So without much hesitation I talked Chris into stopping at this spot I've seen a few times on the way to work.

BOY was I suprised, It looked alot bigger from the road, It was pretty tiny (As you can tell) but even so, With the sunset, it still turned out quite nice!

After I defrosted and packed the car back up, We headed to Frankford to get Chris's brakes, and chain, After the purchase, and chatting with Pete for a bit, we headed to Chris's for Bagels and repairs. Most of this was pretty un-eventful, and around 7pm, we got out of there en route to Austintown.

We got there and rode for a bit, there were about 10 riders there, most of which going off, I took ton of pictures but only a few really turned out good, mostly due to user error on my part. First few shots were of people jumping the box, including my brother doing a huge turndown, Only to get stuck in it, and go down pretty hard, luckly he got up laughing.

After all that, we all dorked around for pretty much the rest of the night, It was alot of fun, we even got some more pics to prove it. Chris did a awesome can-can air, followed by a really fast pedal grind on the orange barrier. Jon and Chris had a dork-off on the spinebox and did some sweet moves, including Chris' x-up abubaca, even if I botched the photo!

At the very end of the night, Lil'Chris from Warren got sick on the vert quarter and aired about 4' out of it, no easy task at all!

A renewed begining, with a ugly face

So, if you're reading this, we're baaaack! That, or one of us got un-lazy long enough to want to put some pictures, and videos somewhere online to share with the rest of ya.

It's been mulled over time and time again, and we're gonna do it right, Matt has been recruited to build a new site (Rest assured, the crappy blogger is only for the time being). Chris has signed on board to do stickers, and a very limited run of shirts..although they won't be for sale, You'll have to be a true OG, or a really good friend to score one!

While on the topic of new shirts, We've actually just hit 10 years! Ten short years ago, Chris and Matt started this whole site/group/crew in the kitchen of their old house on Russell Avenue. It's really honestly humbling how far we have came, yet how everything seemingly stays the same..back on topic, We're incorporating the whole "10 years" theme into the shirts, so they'll be extra special indeed!

As usual, we're gonna be photo/video intensive, and hopefully Chris and whoever else is interested in contributing a story time to time..There is nothing like a good story to go with the Photos!

Stay tuned!